Saturday, November 19, 2011

7th and 8th Week!

Once again I can't stress enough that time is slipping away! Hannah is just growing so terribly fast and I just wish she would stay little!

In the last two weeks I have gone back to work. Which I really haven't because I am currently checking out of the Navy! Yay! So Andy and I are just enjoying our time together with Hannah before we get crazy busy in January!

So during her 7th week she started laughing. It's so cute. She makes about 7 different sounds now. We Love it!

And during the eighth week she plays now! The hanging toys above her bouncy chair will keep her occupied for about 30+ minutes!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

5th and 6th Week!

Wow has the time flown by! I can't believe Hannah is SIX weeks old. The sad part about this... It's time for me to go back to work! But not for long! Hahaha (evil voice). I will soon be out of the Navy and able to spend more time with my loving family. Well in the last couple of weeks Hannah as grown so much! She has the cutest personality! It doesn't show in any of my weekly photos but she smiles all the time! Hopefully one of these weeks I can catch that smile!


So we were super excited about Hannahs first Halloween. I really enjoy dressing up and making costumes so here's some pics from what we did! Hope you enjoy them!

Mommys little Pumpkin!