Saturday, November 19, 2011

7th and 8th Week!

Once again I can't stress enough that time is slipping away! Hannah is just growing so terribly fast and I just wish she would stay little!

In the last two weeks I have gone back to work. Which I really haven't because I am currently checking out of the Navy! Yay! So Andy and I are just enjoying our time together with Hannah before we get crazy busy in January!

So during her 7th week she started laughing. It's so cute. She makes about 7 different sounds now. We Love it!

And during the eighth week she plays now! The hanging toys above her bouncy chair will keep her occupied for about 30+ minutes!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

5th and 6th Week!

Wow has the time flown by! I can't believe Hannah is SIX weeks old. The sad part about this... It's time for me to go back to work! But not for long! Hahaha (evil voice). I will soon be out of the Navy and able to spend more time with my loving family. Well in the last couple of weeks Hannah as grown so much! She has the cutest personality! It doesn't show in any of my weekly photos but she smiles all the time! Hopefully one of these weeks I can catch that smile!


So we were super excited about Hannahs first Halloween. I really enjoy dressing up and making costumes so here's some pics from what we did! Hope you enjoy them!

Mommys little Pumpkin!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet little Somethings

So I have decided to pursue a degree in photography and I am attending the Art Institute Of San Antonio starting in January. So Ive been practicing as much as Hannah will let me. In my last couple of weeks I have realized it's not only your eye for the shot but its a lot of photoshop too... lol here's some of Hannahs little features that I love to stare at. Enjoy.

3rd and 4th Week

Hannah is growing like a weed! I can't believe how much she has changed in a few short weeks. She has gained over two pounds since we brought her home and at least two inches! She is already so good at holding her head up, I guesstimate she will be doing it all on her own in about two or three more weeks. She loves her rocking chair anytime I need to free up my hands I can just put her in there and she is good to go! Here's week 3!

Andy and I are finally getting the hang of things. We have learned to SLEEP WHEN SHE SLEEPS! To all you soon to be or brand new moms please take this advice!! In this picture her onesie is a little to tight but I haven't gotten around to buying new ones. Lol.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hannahs 52 Week Project

Well if having a baby isn't hard enough work, trying to make little cute photo projects, tutus and headbands all at the same time is back breaking! My long time friend Meghann Tilford turned me on to the idea of making a photo growth chart of my new little one. I've seen it completed on the blog and it is amazing. Just to warn you, I am a very amateur photographer and photoshopper so my images aren't quite as well as my predecessors. But I'm getting better.

So my first week of Hannah was crazy in that week I learned to function off of minutes of sleep. If you don't know me very well, I am known for my sleeping so this has been life altering. I learned that epidurals aren't that great, they can have serious side effects (spinal headaches) which was a nightmare for Andy he had to do pretty much everything but feed the baby. (THANKS HUNNY) Also, I learned patients! Without it I would be lost in this new life of parenting. So after getting peed and pooped and up chucked on I was finally able to get up and take Hannahs week one photo. :-)

Once my headache went away I was finally able to get up and get my life back together. In my second week of Miss Hannah I learned that babies are really hungry. I don't know if it's just my kid but I had no idea that they eat soooo much. Hannah is already very strong I can put her on her tummy and she can pick her head up and look from side to side. And if I put her feet underneath her while on her tummy she can scoot across the bed. Which is really cute. So here's my second attempt for her photo project.

I'm excited but sad to do week 3 on Saturday, the time is going by so fast!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Keeping you Safe

So for the past 8 months Andy and I have been attending baby classes to be up to speed on our pregnancy and what to expect during labor and delivery. Well our last class was one of the most important.

Here's what we learned!

Here's our "mini babies"

So after 30 compressions and 2 rescue breaths we learned how to give baby CPR. Hopefully we never have to use this but if we do, we are prepared to!