Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hannahs 52 Week Project

Well if having a baby isn't hard enough work, trying to make little cute photo projects, tutus and headbands all at the same time is back breaking! My long time friend Meghann Tilford turned me on to the idea of making a photo growth chart of my new little one. I've seen it completed on the blog and it is amazing. Just to warn you, I am a very amateur photographer and photoshopper so my images aren't quite as well as my predecessors. But I'm getting better.

So my first week of Hannah was crazy in that week I learned to function off of minutes of sleep. If you don't know me very well, I am known for my sleeping so this has been life altering. I learned that epidurals aren't that great, they can have serious side effects (spinal headaches) which was a nightmare for Andy he had to do pretty much everything but feed the baby. (THANKS HUNNY) Also, I learned patients! Without it I would be lost in this new life of parenting. So after getting peed and pooped and up chucked on I was finally able to get up and take Hannahs week one photo. :-)

Once my headache went away I was finally able to get up and get my life back together. In my second week of Miss Hannah I learned that babies are really hungry. I don't know if it's just my kid but I had no idea that they eat soooo much. Hannah is already very strong I can put her on her tummy and she can pick her head up and look from side to side. And if I put her feet underneath her while on her tummy she can scoot across the bed. Which is really cute. So here's my second attempt for her photo project.

I'm excited but sad to do week 3 on Saturday, the time is going by so fast!

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